Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app, developed with features which give it an app like experience while browsing. PWA improves the user experience to the extent that users can feel the same as they do while using native apps.

The web solves a number of challenges native mobile apps have:

Installs are not an issue

Have no APK size restrictions

Are always up-to-date (do not require re-installs for an update to happen)

They work everywhere (a browser is)

Tend to be trusted more than native apps

php development
php development

Why PWA?

Progressive web app combines the features of both web and app thereby giving a pleasant experience during usage. We do not need any installation for PWA. User experience continues to improve each time a user visits PWA site because of its powerful features such as load-time for slow networks, push notifications, and add to home screen icon.

Progressive web apps properties:

1. Reliable

The app should be lightning fast when loading, it should be close to instantaneous and should also open when there is no network or fairly low-speed network like 2G. Google found that 53% of the users abandon the website if the page took longer than 3 seconds to load.

2. Fast

The scrolls and page transitions should be buttery smooth when the user is interacting with the web app. Everyone hates crappy scrolls.


The app should fit in all the different sizes of devices. The perfect web app should be like liquid, which takes the shape of its vessel.

4. Installable

If we want to make web apps closer to the native apps, they have to be installable and should reside in the home screen along with other native apps, so that the user can access the PWA in one click.

5. Splash Screen

PWA adds a splash screen during the startup of the app. This makes the PWA feel more like a native app

6. Highly engage-able

The app should keep the users engaged. A PWA provides features like push notification, home screen icon, full-screen and offline first app to glorify user engagement

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